Hareline Senyo's Fusion Dubbing Smurf


Senyo's Fusion Dubbing is a brilliant dubbing is a blend of Ice Dub and the more subtle Trilobal Dub.
It occurs shiny enough to be spotted easily under water and yet not to sparkling to spook more picky fish.
Tied in sparsely and brushed afterwards, you can create fabulous translucent bodies for any kind of streamer, sea trout fly or salmon / steelhead tubes.

The colour “Eat the Peach” for example, works magic on shrimp patterns (Pattegrisen) in combination with salmon spey hackles on top.
Other colours are great for borsteorm flies or tangloppen and even nymphs (especially scuds) are possible. Set free your creativity with this versatile tying material!

The Senyo's Fusion Dub can be tied in like any other dubbing. But if you thrilll it around the thread, please use dubbing wax because otherwise the synthetic fibres are quite slippery and slide away off the thread or loosen easier while fishing.
It works best if you use a dubbing loop or a split thread techique. With a dubbing brush you can add much more volume and maximise its attraction effect.

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Hareline Senyo's Fusion Dubbing Smurf

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Senyo's Fusion Dub Smurf
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