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Guideline Presentation Evolve


Guideline Presentation Evolve is a new addition for the classic Presentation fly lines.
They have undergone a make over and now feature changes and additions that we hope will be a nice improvement to this popular line.
Evolve means just that; improve and tweak… Higher floating through a more buoyant coating, especially noticeable in the tip area.
Slicker and harder coating that stays that way also during hot summer days.
It is designed to perform in tight, overgrown waters, where room for casting is limited.
The short belly offers a better chance to perform various presentation casts and speed-changes, even with the lightest of rods.
With it´s short head length this line is ideally suited for short range fishing or when wading deep.
You could be misled into thinking that this line doesn’t offer the control needed for presentation fishing, but don’t worry; it sure does perform.

A dark grey “Control Zone” indicates the position of the back taper, between the belly and the handling line /running line.
Looped front and a laser ID marking about 50 cm up from the tip.
Suitable for Dry flies/Nymphs/Streamers in Medium to large Rivers and Lakes.

Color: Lemon Yellow/Gray/Chartreuse Green.

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Guideline Presentation Evolve

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