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Guideline EXP3 Serie


We have been encouraged to venture into a budget fly rod project worthy of the name GUIDELINE, based on the success of our Explorer Fly Fishing Kits, that have gained recognition Europe wide. The brand new EXP3 series is aimed at beginners or intermediate fly fishers looking for a fast action, lightweight, tough and no nonsense flyrod that will provide lots of fun, both when casting and playing fish. There are five different models of rods in the EXP3 Series covering the most common fishing from 4 to 8 weight.

Actions in EXP3 rods can be described as medium fast to fast with a light, responsive tip that makes casting effortless and easy. These rods also load readily when the timing of the casting stroke isn’t perfect. These rods are manufactured from various blends of carbon cloth in different parts of the blank that produces rods with a nice, lightweight feel, a small diameter and a great fit.

EXP 3 904 | 9” | #4 | 4-piece
A smart choice when you want a “second” rod for your lighter freshwater fishing, yet don’t want to spend a fortune. An easy to cast rod which delivers nice smooth presentations with good accuracy. 

EXP 3 905 | 9’ | #5 | 4-piece
Great entry level rod for all round fishing for adults or youth alike. This rod has a rather fast, powerful action that will help you set tighter loops and make longer casts. Try it out with our new 4Cast WF line as they match very well. 

EXP 3 906 | 9’ | #6 | 4-piece
A good rod for trout and smallmouth bass in both rivers and lakes. Because it handles the wind so well, you may also take it for a trip on the coast. 

EXP 3 967 | 9’6” | #7 | 4-piece
A very popular rod for reservoirs and lakes, as well as for the coast. Handles larger flies and a great deal of wind with ease.
EXP 3 1007 | 10’ | #7 | 4-piece
A perfect rod for grilse, steelhead and large reservoir rainbows.   

EXP 3 968 | 9’6” | #8 | 4-piece
Similar application as the rod above, but with more power. A good rod for the coast and for the smaller salmon and seatrout rivers. 

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Guideline EXP3 Serie

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Guideline ExP3 9ft. #4
€ 119,99

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Guideline ExP3 9ft. #5
€ 119,99

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Guideline ExP3 9ft. #6
€ 119,99

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Guideline ExP3 10.0ft. #7
€ 129,99

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Guideline ExP3 9.6ft. #8
€ 129,99

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