Diamond Fish Eyes 12mm Fluo White


Diamond Fish Eyes is designed to make the tying of fish eyes even more entertaining for the fly tier, and is an exciting alternative to existing fish eyes on the market. These eyes are light weight, and the fly can be fished both high in the water column, or you can use som lead wire to fish deeper.
There are countless opportunities to tie in these new eyes, and there is plenty of opportunities to tie some super cool baitfish imitations, big as small.

The idea behind Diamond Fish Eyes is to create reflections of light, no matter where the light source comes from, which is created by their unique design with diamond facets on the back of the eye.
All transparent variations will create this light effect, but we have chosen to make a non-transparent white and black version also, because we believe that they have their justification in the assortment.
We have had very good experience with the fluorescent white through time.

All Diamond Fish Eyes, except the black version is made of super fluo material, to highlight the eyes to the maximum. To have such an highlighting hook point on the fly is after numerous tests a sure winner, no matter what species you are fishing for.
In each package you will get 12-16 pcs of Diamond Fish Eyes, and included black pupils right to inflict on the eyes, if it is desired. It is easy to apply your pupils with a dubbing needle.

Diamond Fish Eyes is made in 4 sizes, 4 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm and 12 mm in diameter on the surface of the eyes.
4 mm or 5 mm is primarily for small fish imitations, and 7 mm and 12 mm is for the larger and big baitfish imitations, So whether you're fishing for smaller or larger fish, then you are well prepared to make the finest flies in all sorts of color combinations, and they can both be tied in on hooks and tubes.

Diamond Fish Eyes is made in these colors : Super Fluorescent Transparent Clear, Super Fluorescent White, Super Fluorescent Transparent Yellow, Super Fluorescent Transparent Green, Super Fluorescent Transparent Orange, and an all-black version made only in 4 mm and 5mm, because this version is intended for fly patterns as "Vaskebjørn" or other fly patterns in the same style.

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Diamond Fish Eyes 12mm Fluo White

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Diamond Fish Eyes (12mm) - 12pcs - Fluo White

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